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The Glass Chameleon

I am a dedicated glass artist dealing in the wonderful world of glass. The colours, the light, the beauty of dichroic glass, and all shades of art glass were the reasons behind my business name The Glass Chameleon - forever changing colour in its environment.

Glass art takes on many forms, and I enjoy the kiln firing, slumping and draping glass part of it.

It's this process that I have used to create my new unique glass flowers.

I am melting coloured glasses together to produce my own shades and a one off flower is the result. We then drill a hole in each one so it can be attached to either a copper stem, fence or plaster wall and provide the fixing screws for you.  Solar lights for something different in the garden is a new addition.

I am no longer producing the glass Lazy Susan's that many of my customers know me for.

Unfortunately, I have had to have a change of direction.

I will be focusing on my glass flowers and dichroic jewellery as my future in glass.

Glass Art

Glass Art
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