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Blending the finest plant based ingredients with genuine & pure essential oils to create a unique, diverse range of skin care products to enhance the health and vitality of your skin.

Saroma Aromatics offers a unique range of products including our all natural insect repellents, Buzz Balm for Mosquito bites, Buzz Gel-Mosquito Repellent, Sandflybye-Sandfly Repellent and Flybye-Fly Repellent, Cold sore Lip Balm, Hayfever Spray, Everyday and After Sun body lotion, Soothing Eye Gel, After Sun Gel, Spot Vanishing Gel, DeXma for Dermatitis and Eczema, a range of facial moisturizers for all skin types for both men and women, Cleanseres, Hand cream, Foot cream and Essential Oils.

* All our prducts smell beautiful

* Are definitely not tested on animals

* Contain a natural perservative and a natural anti-oxidant, combined with all            natural base ingredients and pure and natural essential oils sourced locally, where possible.

* Are hand made locally

*Our poducts are made insmall batches, to ensure a high quality and fresh product for you.

* Each product that comes from Saroma Aromatices (tm) has its own unique energy.

Saroma Aromatics (tm) are nade locally by Sara Martin,

a qualified Aromatherapist with  LOVE and CARE.

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