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Fraulein Jaeger Bags

Welcome to Fraulein Jaeger maker of Gorgeous and Unique Handmade Bags

My name is Leanne Leaver, and I have been passionately making Handbags and accessories and other "gorgeous things" for as long as I can remember.
My main business, FRAULEIN JAEGER…(Fraulein …meaning "miss" in German, and Jaeger …being my maiden name) was started back in 2001 through my love of color and beautiful fabrics.

I am driven and obsessed by the talent of designers who draw, design, paint and print such an enormous range of beautiful fabrics. It is this, that inspires me to create the products you will find here and on my website such as Totes, Satchels, Purses as well as a range of Jewellery, T-Shirts, Greeting Cards and Artwork ( if I have a spare moment)!!

After many years of making bags and accessories, I've learnt a lot about making a great quality product. Apart from a gorgeous range of fabrics, I use industrial quality PVC which has a UV protection. Using PVC with a UV protection helps prevent cracking and discoloration (yellowing) that can sometimes happen with cheaper PVC's.

All my fabrics (except upholstery weight) and linings are bonded with a canvas backing for strength and durability, which adds body to the bags and helps to keep its shape.

I use only high quality industrial thread and accessories and machines that are purpose built for heavy duty sewing needed for these types of bags.

The vinyl used is "Marine Grade" upholstery quality and most of my fabrics are sourced from USA, Italy and some locally.

I am continually sourcing new fabrics to create beautiful bags and accessories, and I take great pride in making a quality product of which are all handmade by me, so I hope you enjoy looking through the website and find what it is your looking for.

Enjoy and thank you for visiting my website!!


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