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Edward Faingold Jewellery

Born in Odessa, Ukraine, Edward was brought up by his artist mother and father who was an engineer, inventor and craftsman, surely shaping the direction he was going to take. His appreciation for art and fine craftsmanship was further developed over many years living and traveling through Europe, until finally settling in Australia nearly 36 years ago.

Since receiving his certificate of proficiency as a jeweller in 1980, Edward has dedicated over 30 years of uncompromising commitment to achieving excellence in design and craftsmanship, establishing a unique style and technique that is immediately recognizable. Now a member of Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia (GSGA), all his work bears his personal makers mark and GSGA mark insuring authenticity, quality, and historical identification.

With his work seen over the years in some of Australia's leading galleries, exhibitions, Edward has achieved notoriety for one-of-a-kind and custom pieces. His repertoire varies from commissioned boutique collections for Bedarra, Lizard and Herron Island Resorts in Australia and Turtle Island in Fiji, to celebrity clientele such as Susan Sarandon to passers-by at craft markets, seeking a unique memento of their visit.

St. Kilda Esplanade and Red Hill Craft Markets have provided opportunity for such diversity. With affordable price range starting from $180, the work of this fine craftsman available to all.

Edward works from his home studio-workshop in Melbourne's South Eastern suburbs. Appointments can me made to suit your convenience.



A fellow of the Gold and Silversmiths gild of Australia, the Master Jeweller draws inspiration from nature, crafting a range of exquisite fine jewellery, from the most precious and delicate materials.


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